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[▼ Expand/shrink] Patterson-Crane Award Winner Announced

The 2015 recipient of the Patterson-Crane Award is Dr. Stephen R. Heller for his work on the development of the IUPAC International Chemical Identifier. The award ceremony will take place in Columbus, OH in September, 2015. Additional information about the time, date and location of the event will be posted later.


[▼ Expand/shrink] Patterson High School Chemistry Awards

Congratulations to this year's winners of the essay competition for the Patterson High School Awards!

1st Prize: Paddy Fanning, Centerville High School (Teacher: Bonnie Buddendeck)
2nd Prize: Michael Li, Centerville High School (Teacher: Bonnie Buddendeck)
3rd Prize: Brian Daniels, Beavercreek High School (Teacher: Tejinder Rattan)





Other Notables

[▼ Expand/shrink] ACS Mini-Grant Awarded

The American Chemical Society Committee on Community Activities has awarded a grant to the Section in support of Techfest. This grant will enable us to enhance our presentation of demonstrations at Techfest, which is one of our biggest outreach activities during the year.



[▼ Expand/shrink] Outreach Activities This Summer

The Dayton Section of the American Chemical Society continued for a second year an effort aimed at engaging middle and high school students in the Greater Dayton Area from rural and urban school districts in Chemistry and Chemistry Related Activities.  By forming a partnership between the Dayton Section of the American Chemical Society, its affiliate universities and local school districts, a science based network is being created for these young learners to seed further science based inquiries in these students and connect individuals with an interest in science at all levels of education (middle/high school students, college-aged students, district educators, and university professors and researchers) from all backgrounds (urban, rural, low income and affluent) in engaging chemistry activities. 

This summer, faculty from the Department of Natural Sciences at Central State University (CSU) facilitated two separate outreach events with incoming and current middle school students from neighboring school districts.  A precipitation experiment was performed by students in groups of two which demonstrated the chemical reaction between the reactants of sodium bicarbonate and calcium chloride to form products.  One product was the solid precipitate known as calcium carbonate, while the other products were sodium chloride, water, and carbon dioxide.  By writing about the chemical reaction and the formation of a precipitate, these students gained experience writing about topics in chemistry.  Those middle schoolers with the top writing assignments from each event were awarded a Texas Instruments TI-36 scientific calculator as a prize based on their written hypotheses and conclusions about the chemistry activity. 

In the two years since program inception, approximately 130 young minds in the local Dayton area have been impacted by these outreach efforts.  The Dayton Section of the ACS is planning to continue these activities into the following year for a new series of students.  The Section seeks to expand the duration of its activity from a one day event to possibly a week long camp experience. In addition to the use of funds provided by a sustaining innovative project grant (IPG) and external donations from local industry and academia, alternative grant avenues are being pursued to support these outreach efforts to inspire students in lower income areas of Dayton by supporting their secondary school with hands on learning activities of chemistry relevance.

The school districts and faculty who participated in the ACS chemistry outreach events were as follows:    

District 1: Xenia Community Schools
Event Date: Tuesday, 24 June, 2014
Event Location: Central State University Seed to Bloom Summer Program   
Faculty: Dr. Cadance Lowell and Dr. Leanne Petry

District 2: Richard Allen Academy/Dayton Public Schools
Event Date: Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Event Location: Salem Avenue Downtown Campus Summer Program
Faculty: Dr. Ibrahim Katampe, Dr. Leanne Petry, Ms. Anderson, and Mr. Colson

Photos of the two events can be found on our Facebook page


[▼ Expand/shrink] Patterson High School Awards Competition

Originally established by Charles A. Thomas and Caroll A. Hochwalt, former Dayton chemists and Monsanto researchers, the top chemistry students in the area have been recognized under the auspices of the Dayton Section since 1943. In 1990, the family of the late Austin M. Patterson, also a prominent Dayton chemist, assumed sponsorship. All area high school students are invited to take an examination, and the highest scoring applicants (marked with a * below) were then invited to write essays, which form the basis of the final judging for the prize. (Up to two of these students from each school were also invited to take the Chemistry Olympiad Exam) In addition, teachers of the prizewinners receive $50 awards, and the top scoring student from each high school is awarded a plaque.

Grading was performed separately for those students who have only taken one year of chemistry. Students from this group (marked with a 1 below) who were the highest scorers in their High School will also receive a plaque. The top three essayists are awarded first, second, and third prizes of $1000, $750, and $500, respectively.

All of these students comprise this year's Patterson High School Chemistry Scholars, who are

  • David Egbert, Alter High School
  • Ryan McDaniel1, Beavercreek High School
  • Bertrand Neyhouse, Beavercreek High School
  • Kevin Conley*, Bellbrook High School
  • Joseph Zollar*, Bellbrook High School
  • Nicolas Morales*, Centerville High School
  • Anirudh Rangaswamy1, Centerville High School
  • Maxwell Venetos*, Centerville High School
  • Ronald Knapp*, Centerville High School
  • Nathaniel Choo*, Miami Valley School
  • Sam Blizzard*, Northmont High School
  • Alex Morgan*, Northmont High School
  • Phillip Shepard*, Northmont High School
  • Matthew Sells*, Northmont High School
  • Hao Tran*, Northmont High School
  • Nathan Hess*, Oakwood High School
  • Megan Schmitz1, Oakwood High School

The winners of this years' essay competition (and monetary prizes) are:

1st Place

Maxwell Venetos, The Importance of Synthetic Polymers (Centerville High School, Mrs. Bonnie Buddendeck)

Venetos and Buddendock

2nd Place

Matthew Sells, Russell Ohl's PN Junction and the Technological Age (Northmont High School, Mr. William Patrizio)

3rd Place

Sam Blizzard, Nuclear Fission and its Effects: Chemistry and Beyond (Northmont High School, Mr. William Patrizio)

Patrizio, Blizzard, Sells, and Caras (Principal)

This year, the winners will be presented their awards at their own high schools' year end awards ceremonies.



[▼ Expand/shrink] Annual Poster Session

The Annual Poster Session is a tradition of long standing in the Dayton Section. As a tradition, the venue is rotated among the area universities. A number of outstanding undergraduate and graduate poster presentations are awarded prizes. Poster presentations from faculty/professional researchers, graduate, and undergraduate students are welcome.

In addition to poster awards, we will also recognize an outstanding junior chemistry major from each college and university within the
Section’s boundaries with the Patterson College Chemistry Award.


[▼ Expand/shrink] Breaking Science: Joint Meeting with Cincinnati Section

We co-hosted with the Cincinnati Section a meeting on Thursday, March 27th at 6:00 pm.

Flyer for this Meeting

Dr. Donna Nelson, science advisor to Breaking Bad, will be giving a presentation at this meeting entitled "Breaking Bad: My Experiences as Science Advisor" at this meeting

Pre-registration is required by March 24th, with subsidized prices and additional discounts for students, emeriti, unemployed members, and K-12 teachers.  For further information and online registration, please visit the Cincinnati section's website at

[▼ Expand/shrink] TechFest 2014

As in previous years, our section hosted a popular stand at Techfest 2014, held on February 15-16 at Sinclair Community College. We organized several hands-on experiments for members of the public of all ages. We thank Amit Sharma and Wayne Cook for their tireless effort in organizing this, and to all the volunteers involved in presenting these experiments!

Photos from TechFest can be found here.


[▼ Expand/shrink] Social Media

The Dayton Section has finally moved into the 21st Century and has established a Facebook page. Please visit and like us for the latest news!


[▼ Expand/shrink] Call for Volunteer Tutors

Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School is looking for tutors for their after-school tutoring program for Chemistry. Tutoring occurs on Mondays - Fridays at 3:30 - 4:30 pm, with a particularly critical need on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tutors will be matched to individual students and provided with textbook, course outline, and reference and help as needed from the counselor and teacher. Those interested should contact Meg Draeger at


[▼ Expand/shrink] Section Outreach to Rural and Urban Schools

Using funds obtained from a Local Section Innovative Project Grant in addition to our profit from our hosting the 2010 Central Regional ACS Meeting, the Dayton Section has actively engaged middle and high school students from rural and urban areas in chemistry and chemistry related activities.Volunteers from the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI), the Departments of Chemistry at the University of Dayton (UD) and Central State University (CSU), and their respective Chemistry Clubs, participated in three separate outreach events.

At Warner Middle School (Xenia Community School) and Thurgood Marshall High School (Dayton Public School), activities included a discussion about the periodic table and how the elements combine to form compounds used in everyday life. The students also used IYC Activity Kits provided by the American Chemical Society at no cost, for a precipitation experiment. Based on that experiment, the students wrote essays that included their original hypothesis, observations, conclusions, as well as how this activity piqued their interest in science. Students with the top two essays from each of the seven classes were awarded Texas Instruments TI-36 scientific calculators and offered the opportunity to attend a two-week NSF-funded science camp hosted by CSU.

Outreach efforts at DECA involved demonstrating the oscillatory nature of the Briggs-Rauscher reaction, the effect of concentration gradients (the Tomato Juice Rainbow) and the behavior of materials at extremely low temperatures using liquid nitrogen. Students participated in the liquid nitrogen demonstration by freezing and shattering flowers and bananas, shrinking balloons, as well as watching a ping-pong ball whirl around the floor after puncturing it and filling it with liquid nitrogen. The event ended with a discussion about college courses, specifically chemistry and other natural science classes.

To date, approximately 100 young minds have been positively impacted by these outreach efforts. The Dayton Section plans to continue these activities and seeks to provide resources to improve and augment Dayton Public School's current chemistry programs. We are actively seeking donations from local industry to support our outreach efforts.



Job Openings


  • Stivers School for the Arts in Dayton is seeking a licensed science teacher for either jr high science or integrated science at the high school level.  If interested, please send a cover letter and resume to Erin Dooley, principal at

Call for Volunteers to Fill Vacant Committee-Chair Slots

The Section is in dire need of volunteers to Chair the following Committees:

Public Relations
Industrial Relations
Careers in Chemistry
Patterson-Crane Award

If you have any questions about these or would like to volunteer for any of these slots, please contact the Chair, Dr. Leanne Petry.



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